At SBCC, we care deeply about Small and Midsized businesses (SME's) and their potential for not just wealth creation, but also societal transformation. Small businesses in America provide 64% of our new private sector jobs, and 46% of America’s private sector output.

We are proud to be an SBIC impact fund and partner with the SBA, institutional investors and individuals around the country - from top financial institutions, to pension funds, corporations, individuals and community banks - to help the American economy innovate, seize new opportunities for social and environmental transformation, grow, and succeed.

Small and diverse business success is perhaps the strongest and most compelling recipe for America’s success. A successful small business lies at the core of addressing people's educational, housing, healthcare, and financial stability needs and aspirations, all while building a more inclusive society. Together, we hold that transformational power in our hands - the hands of an ecosystem eager to collaborate and harness its yet largely untapped value.

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If you own an SME business or are in the process of acquiring one, we would like to learn more about your vision and plans.


We invest in companies with at least $1 million in EBITDA and 3 years of operating experience.


If you are a senior or talented executive in a corporation looking to support small and diverse businesses as partners and suppliers, we can help.


If you invest in this space, we can explore co-investment opportunities.


If you work with SME's and want us to share our tools with your SME's we are also happy to connect and explore how we can be of assistance.


We have committed to delivering strong returns to our investors by partnering with SME’s, including women and minority owned firms and businesses located in LMI areas. We help them maximize their business potential and develop win-win relationships with their employees through high-quality job creation. We accomplish these goals through the deployment of capital, sharing our extensive knowledge and connecting them with valuable resources and expertise; through the access we have available on our well-honed network; and through decades of building relationships with co-investors, corporations, industry experts, entrepreneurs, young talent, trade associations and advisors.

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